What confuses me when using performance monitoring by sentry

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I use sentry to measure the performance of a react native project but after doing some research, I found somethings that confused me when using performance monitoring sentry

What is Monitoring Performance by Sentry?
With performance monitoring, Sentry tracks application performance, measures metrics like throughput and latency, and displays the impact of errors across multiple services. Sentry captures distributed traces consisting of transactions and spans to measure individual services and operations within those services.

Example project using performance monitoring

This feature is one of the most useful features in sentry, but there are a few things that confuse me

Apdex Score

What is Apdex?

Apdex (Application Performance Index) is an industry open standard for measuring the performance of software applications in computing. The idea behind it is to have a universal score that represents the overall user experience with an app. Apdex scores can be used to describe your overall app health, or they can be used to describe individual events or traces.

Why am i confused about Apdex?

I found Apdex Score shows poor performance, but in terms of usage I feel my application is fine and when i noticed that the Sentry set default response time threshold of 300 ms per single transaction this confused me because to load single screen it takes time for mounting, fetch api, rendering. So how many milliseconds the most suitable response time threshold for React Native project?


What is TPM?

Throughput indicates the number of transactions over a given time range (Total), average transactions per minute (TPM)

Why am i confused about TPM?

sample of my TPM

why is it displayed as a decimal number? I’m not sure about the way to measure TPM, because when I found out that my transaction had been accessed by a lot of people TPM was still a decimal number.

Not record react.render
after watch this video i am learning about how to measure react native project but i found sentry not record react.render even using sentry demos project

How to Monitor Performance in React Native Applications Video

Actually performance monitoring is very useful, but I’m having trouble getting the best way to use this feature, I also feel the documentation is still not very detailed. but sentry is very responsive when asked a question. I hope that performance monitoring and other features will be easier to understand in the future.

sorry my english is very bad. We’re all human, its okay to make mistakes :)



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